Mastane – Happy, free spirited 
Musafir – Traveler

That’s what we are. Happy & free spirited travelers. Monday to Friday, sometimes even Saturdays, we slog in the corporate world to do justice to our hard earned educational qualifications. However, once we doff that hats, we are happy travellers yearning to explore the nook and corner of the world.

What is Mastane Musafir all about?

We have been travelling for around 2 years now, and while we research about the place we are about to travel, although there are lots of reviews, there’s a missing first-hand experience of how that very place looks or what dish is the best in that particular location or how cozy are the beds in that hotels.

Mastane Musafir is your one stop search site that will give you all the information starting from the planning, travel, stay, food, people and places of interest of the place you are going to visit.

Meet the Mastane

Krutarth – He dons many hats. He is the photographer and man behind all these words you are reading on this site and Instagram. A big time foodie, smells the aroma of what’s cooking and guesses it right most of the time. While on a road trip, does the most of the driving and loves to crack PJs.

Shruti – She is the brain behind selection and planning of the places. An avid reader, she likes to explore the places less travelled. A total drama queen, a big time foodie and has the best of the tastes when it comes to sea food. She is behind the lens for the videos and time lapses and is also honing skills as a photographer.

Let’s travel together.